Grasses and Greenery Guilty!
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Leave it to the San Francisco Chronicle to portray evil plants as the cause of future water shortages in the increasingly overcrowded state [California: Greenery sucking up more of state's water, 7/13/06].

As if malevolent lawns water themselves.

At least there is a tiny hint about the real source, the continuing population explosion, though there is no mention of what is fueling that...

Thirsty home landscaping, particularly lawns, will suck up an increasingly burdensome amount of water in California over the next 25 years unless big changes are made, according to a new report by the Public Policy Institute of California.

The state is expected to add 11 million new residents by 2030, and at least half are expected to locate in hotter, inland areas where single-family homes with lush lawns are popular, according to the report.

Darn you, Kentucky bluegrass!

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