Ross Douthat And The New York Times Are NOT Linking To
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There’s an item in the New York Times by Ross Douthat which made me laugh:

WE have two political parties in America, runs a saying that conservatives like to quote. One is stupid, the other is evil. And when they join forces to do something that’s both stupid and evil — well, that’s what we call “bipartisanship.” [Our Enemy, the Payroll Tax, By Ross Douthat, November 24, 2012 205 Comments]

What made me laugh is this: his link on “a saying that conservatives like to quote” is to Cultivating conservatism, a speech by M. Stanton Evans published in the Washington Times, July 17, 2007.

This is a famous Sam Francis quote, that probably first appeared in print in a Peter Brimelow article called Immigration policy stupid, evil and hurting Americans, Contra Costa Times, December 4, 1999.  Evans, a movement veteran, was speaking off the cuff to conservative youth, and his version of the story is almost word for word the same as Peter Brimelow’s.

The funny part is imagining Ross Douthat wanting to use this trenchant quote without linking to us here at (He's received some abuse for reading us before.)

For more on Ross Douthat see  Grand New Party Recycles Old (But Good!) VDARE.COM Ideas By Steve Sailer on July 13, 2008, Credit Where Credit Is Due July 14, 2008. 

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