Rosemary Jenks On The Amnesty Bill:"All Promises, No Improvement "
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That has been true for every amnesty bill since the 1965 Immigration Act. See So Much for Promises - Quotes Re 1965 Immigration Act, By  Joe Fallon , The Social Contract (Spring 1999).

Ms. Jenks has details:

The bill guarantees amnesty now in exchange for promises of future enforcement, just like the failed 1986 amnesty. In addition to inviting the next wave of illegal immigration, though, the bill would double legal immigration and vastly expand guest worker programs for both low- and high-skilled foreign workers. It is a recipe for sustained high unemployment, ever-expanding government, and fiscal deficits.

The Gang of Eight Senators (Schumer, Rubio, McCain, Durbin, Graham, Menendez, Flake, and Bennet) wants us to trust that this bill will end illegal immigration and make America more prosperous. That’s asking a lot, considering that the bill breaks every promise the Gang has made to America.

Gangster Rubio promised the “toughest enforcement measures in the history of this country.” Instead, the bill requires a plan for 90 percent effective border control, as measured by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), who insists the border is already secure. It actually weakens current law, which requires a biometric entry-and-exit system at all ports of entry—land, air, and sea—by requiring only a biographic system at air and sea ports. It also fails to quickly implement a mandatory employment-verification program, instead dragging the process out at least five years, exempting some employers altogether, and giving the DHS Secretary the discretion to scuttle the whole system.   

I like the expression "Gangster Rubio."


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