Democrat Ed Markey Winning The Massachusetts Latino Vote—In Spite Of The GOP Candidate Being Token Hispanic Gabriel Gomez
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Yesterday’s Boston Herald reports that Ed Markey, the Democratic nominee in the special election to replace John Kerry in the Senate has locked up the Hispanic vote, despite the fact that the Republicans have nominated token Hispanic Gabriel Gomez.  [Leaders: Gabriel Gomez doesn’t have lock on Latino vote, by Hillary Chabot, The Boston Herald, May 27, 2013]

While Gabriel Gomez is pro-life, he is just a hair to the right of Ed Markey on pretty much everything else, including immigration.  Nevertheless, the Hispanics are sticking by the Democratic nominee.

According to local Hispanic activist Alejandra St. Guillen:  “The majority of the Latino community is far more affected by access to quality schools, health care and economic equality, so social issues kind of take a back seat.”

So much for the GOP’s Hispanic outreach.

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