Ron Unz: Response To Ed Rubenstein
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Ron Unz writes at the American Conservative:
My thanks to Ed Rubenstein for producing a fine rejoinder (Ron Unz Vanishes Hispanic Criminality … Not!) to my own recent analysis of Hispanic crime rates (His-Panic). Most of the previous rebuttals to my original article seemed either utterly risible (Statsholic) or ideologically shrill and analytically weak (Unzism, a Dangerous Doctrine). Although I certainly disagree with the slant of Rubenstein’s interpretations, he raises some strong and quantitatively interesting issues which provide an important contribution to the ongoing debate. This tends to confirm’s reputation as the premier ”hardcore” anti-Immigrationist webzine.

First of all, I appreciate his willingness to excerpt numerous paragraphs from my article, some of which he endorses and some of which he disputes; this allows his readers to obtain a sense of my claims without being forced to endlessly click between the two pieces. [Response To Rubenstein, AmConMag Blog]

That is the kind of service we try to give. Ed will probably reply to the reply, and this will continue until we get tired of it.
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