America Ends Tomorrow, Minorities Hardest Hit
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The Center For Immigration Studies has a report to the effect that "minority leaders" (Al Sharpton, The Black Caucus, Janet Murguia, et cetera) are often far more enthusiastic about immigration than their constituents, who are being displaced by them, not to mention occasionally being shot:

While it is sometimes assumed that minorities, particularly Hispanics, favor increased immigration and legalization for illegal immigrants, a new Zogby survey finds that minority voters’ views are more complex. The poll of Hispanic, Asian-American, and African-American likely voters finds some support for legalization. But overall each of these groups prefers enforcement and for illegal immigrants to return home. Moreover, significant majorities of all three groups think that the current level of immigration is too high. These views are in sharp contrast to the leaders of most ethnic advocacy organizations, who argue for increased immigration and legalization of illegal immigrants. The survey used neutral language, avoiding such terms as “amnesty,” “illegal alien,” or “undocumented.”

Among the findings:

In contrast to the leadership of many ethnic advocacy groups, most members of minority groups think immigration is too high.

  • Hispanics: 56 percent said it is too high; 7 percent said too low; 14 percent just right.

  • Asian-Americans: 57 percent said immigration is too high; 5 percent said too low; 18 percent just right.

  • African-Americans: 68 percent said it is too high; 4 percent said too low; 14 percent just right.


[An Examination of Minority Voters' Views on Immigration,By Steven A. Camarota, February 2010]

While this is true of minority leaders and their minority constituents, it turns out that white leaders, like George Bush, John McCain, and the late Teddy Kennedy, (can't get much whiter than those three) are also out of step with their constituents, which in Teddy Kennedy's case would include the Irish victims of first, busing and then mass immigration in Boston.

Of course, another way of putting it would be that American leaders are out of step with their constituents, the American people. See Poll Exposes Elite-Public Clash On Immigration, by the late Sam Francis.

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