Romney's Share Of The White Vote Only 55% (September 27, 2012)
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Romney is doing very badly in the polls—RealClearPolitics has him being beaten 48.6 to 44.6 percent in the general election. But if you subscribe to Rasmussen Reports, you can find out how well he's doing with voters of different races, a statistic pollsters generally seem reluctant to report.

Race          White   Black   Other    
Romney      55%    4%      29%    
Obama       36%    94%    58%  

At the moment, Romney has the amount of white support McCain had in 2008. Mccain lost. For comparison, Richard Nixon got 66% of the white vote in 1972. Congressional Republicans got 60% in 2010.(Other white share comparisons here)

See CA GOP’s Problem: Not Hispanics, But Whites (And, Of Course, Idiot Leadership) by Peter Brimelow and Edwin S. Rubenstein for a discussion of how much this matters. We'll be posting updates.

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