War On Language And Enforcement
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Another news item that exposes both the totalitarian nature of the radical left and their war on immigration law enforcement.  It appears that the press is incurious concerning the left's continued adherence to Communism's war on history and language as documented in the dystopian novel 1984.

The Seattle Times August 28, 2012 by Manuel Valdes

Congress Members Urge Audit Of Border Patrol

Eleven congressmen sent letters urging a nonpartisan government watchdog to audit the U.S. Border Patrol's activities on the northern border, immigrant advocates said Tuesday.

The Democratic lawmakers want the U.S. Government Accountability Office to investigate if Border Patrol agents are violating civil rights, undermining immigrant communities and adversely affecting public safety.

Off to a nice start.  Let's look at the headline and first two paragraphs from the standpoint of Newspeak.

First the headline.  What does "audit" mean here?  In the tradition of "Freedom is Slavery" and "War is Peace," audit does not mean a forman review of an individual or organizations financial accounts, but closer to an investigation, a systematic examination or inquiry.  In one sense these Congressmen are interested in discovering the facts underlying U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) operations along our northern border. 

But the reality is more Orwellian, or as we shall say, Carollian, as in Alice in Wonderland, verdict first, trial later.  We know that the radical left has been on jihad against immigration enforcement, and in the northwest in particular, of late.  This blog has documented the war on immigration law enforcement in the northwest for some time, with the most recent example being the decision by a black U.S. Department of Agriculture official to claim that assisting the U.S. Border Patrol is violation of the civil rights of illegal aliens whom that official claims have a right to remain in the United States.  The Red left is upset that illegal aliens are being arrested and deported, and that is what they are concerned about.  And their purpose is not to audit the USBP, but to end immigration enforcement by the USBP.  Here "audit" does not mean "audit," it means "end arrests of illegal aliens in the northwest."

Next the first sentence.  We are told of "immigrant advocates."  Another Orwellian term.  In fact the apparently Mexican reporter regurgitates the phrase as instructed without any discernment.  But those advocates are not acting in favor of immigrants, but illegal aliens.  An example of the evolution in Newspeak that journalists perpetuate.  Illegal aliens becomes immigrants.  Part of the Red left's war on the English language.

Of course, this adaption of Newspeak, the perversion of language in the name of the Communist revolution that Orwell observed, has a purpose.  The normalization of illegal immigration.  And that is as much the purpose of this "audit" requested by these Democrats, in fact Stalinists by another name, as acutally finding out that the USBP arrests illegal aliens, whom, by the way, are predominately non-white.  Any "audit" will reveal that.  But there is no need for an audit.  We already know that most aliens arrested by the USBP are not only Hispanic, but specifically are Mexican nationals.  As Gomer Pyle says, "Surprise, surprise, surprise."

And we get to that in the next paragraph.  The Mexican reporter parrots the phrase "immigrant communities."  What community is that?  Why the illegal alien community.  Because that is the only community that has any concern with the USBP.  No other community, including legal aliens, has any fear.  Unless those legal aliens committed a deportable act, such as being convicted of a crime, or participating in alien smuggling, two of the most common reason "legal" aliens are deported.

Of course no article by a Mexican journalist is complete without factual errors as well, all in the name of the Red left's agenda of waging war on immigration enforcement.

"Reports suggests that Border Patrol agents may be targeting individuals on the basis of race or religion for extra scrutiny during border crossings...

News flash, the USBP does not conduct inspections of persons crossing the border at Ports-of Entry.  The USBP conducts patrols of the border and the rest of the United States mainly in search of violation of Title 8 of the United States Code which incorporates the administrative proceedings of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which regulates, among other things, aliens and their presence in the United States.  The Office of Field Operations of Customs and Border Protection and is responsible for inspecting and examining persons seeking entry to the United States.  And they question individuals, especially aliens, as to their admissiblity.

The Reds just can't get even basic facts correct.  However, it is not illegal to use race or religion as a basis for questioning.  But I am certain the article means ethnicity, as Hispanic is not a race, in fact, it for the most part means the language origin of an individual or their forebears.  Hispanics come in a variety of races, including the much oppressed blacks of Mexico.

However, finding a Hispanic entering from Canada is a red flag, as there are few Hispanics, especially Mexicans in Canada.  And Canada is an entry port for many illegal aliens, especially Mexicans and Koreans who enter Canada visa-free, but intend to proceed illegally to the United States.

However, back to our Mexican journalist's war on facts:

...and wrongfully stopping, interrogating, and arresting legal U.S. residents who are many miles from the border," the letter, sent July 31, states. "Border Patrol agents are also conducting operations outside places frequented by immigrant children and their families, including schools, churches and human services agencies."


The first issue is the quasi-Orwellianism here:  ...many miles from the border..."  The implication here is that the USBP is acting outside its authority.  It is slyly suggested that USBP authority is restricted to the border, which it is not.  Border Patrol Agents legal authority is not restricted by geography.  It can seek out and question aliens as to their right to remain in the United States throughout the United States.  But our Mexican journalist did not question this obvious error by the radical groups and their lawsuit.  He obviously deliberately let it get by without addressing the facts underpinning USBP authority to act regardless of geography. 

Now it is true that USBP is not stationed everywhere and there is a Memorandum of Understanding between the USBP and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that generally restricts USBP activity in certain areas of immigration law enforcement to some geographic areas, but that does not apply to border states nor does it limit the authority granted by Congress to the USBP.  It is merely a division of labor between USBP and ICE.

Next we get the allegation that USBP are arresting "..legal U.S. residents..."  Wow, that sounds shocking.  Even worse than questioning someone because of their "race" (ethnicity) or religion (radical Islamists). 

But in an Orwellian manner, it means nothing.  Surprise, surprise, even aliens lawfully admitted, which is what I presume they mean by "legal U.S. residents," can be arrested.  Such as for drug smuggling, alien smuggling, currency smuggling, visa fraud, aliens with criminal convictions, etc.  The USBP is not restricted to arresting what the article describes as "immigrants" by which they generally mean illegal aliens.  Many ostensibly legal aliens, generally meaning legal permanent residents, can and are arrested for both administrative immigration proceedings (deportation) and for criminal acts.  A green card does not give one immunity from arrest for criminal acts or for acts that can lead to deportation.  And the USBP is authorized by law to make those arrests.

Now to the purpose of the story.  Too many Mexicans are being arrested in the northwest.  First:

"Border Patrol agents are also conducting operations outside places frequented by immigrant children and their families, including schools, churches and human services agencies."

Well, nothing illegal about that.  Law enforcement should go to where the crimes occur.  That is the whole idea behind Compstat.  Law enforcement should allocate its resources where the crimes occur.  Hanging out in front of the Elks Club or the Whole Foods won't get you too many illegal aliens.  But surveilling the local mercado will certainly get a Border Patrol Agent an illegal alien or two, or three or more.  And that is their real objection.  They can't just be honest about that.  They need a little help from Newspeak.

And now the racial profiling accusation.  The USBP is, shockingly, arresting mainly people of one particular ethnicity.  Presumably Hispanics.  Presumably Mexicans.  That's profiling they object.

The letter asks the Government Accountability Office to develop comprehensive data on arrests within 100 miles of the northern border to account for race and ethnicity of people apprehended. They want the watchdog to determine if there are "statistically significant racial or ethnic disparities in the rate of apprehension."

Well, most illegal aliens are Hispanic and most are Mexican as well.  Surprise.  So the GAO will find out that the USBP mostly arrests Mexicans and Hispanics.  Well, we already know that. 

The purpose though of this "audit" to find out what we already know is the cry "racial profiling" and hope to further the end of immigration enforcement in the Northwest by using a little Orwell and a little bait and switch.


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