Romney's Secret Plan: Is He Channelling Nixon Or McGovern?
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According to Washington Watcher, Romney is said to have a “secret plan” to fix immigration. See Silver-Plate Lining? Romney Not The Worst From Immigration Patriot Viewpoint. 

This brings back memories—Richard Nixon, running for president in 1968, was said to have a secret plan to end the Vietnam War.

”Secret plan” was what the media called it—Nixon’s phraseology was “end the war and win the peace in the Pacific". His not so secret plan was actually to win it, bombing North Vietnam, and appointing General Creighton Abrams to command US forces in Vietnam,in place of General Westmoreland, who was frankly useless.

George McGovern, running against Nixon in 1972, also had a plan, not very secret, to end the Vietnam War.

McGovern’s plan was to lose it, by abandoning  the  South Vietnamese and running  away.  Voter rejected this decisively—Nixon carried 49 states, and his plan achieved some success, and a peace treaty. However, as result of Watergate, the post-Watergate congressional elections, and the chicken-heartedness of Gerald Ford, it was McGovern’s plan that was actually carried out. See Vietnam’s Lasting Illusion by Peter Brimelow and Sleeping With The Enemy by James Webb.

So if Romney has a secret plan to fix immigration, does he want to win or lose?

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