Rolling Stone Sued For $5.75 Million By UVA Dean
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Let the lawsuits begin. Nicole Eramo, whom Rolling Stone falsely accused of calling University of Virginia a “rape school” in its retracted tale of gang rape, “A Rape On Campus,” has sued the magazine for defamation, The Washington Post reports:

Rolling Stone and Erdely’s highly defamatory and false statements about Dean Eramo were not the result of an innocent mistake,” according to the lawsuit, which was filed in Charlottesville Circuit Court. “They were the result of a wanton journalist who was more concerned with writing an article that fulfilled her preconceived narrative about the victimization of women on American college campuses, and a malicious publisher who was more concerned about selling magazines to boost the economic bottom line for its faltering magazine, than they were about discovering the truth or actual facts.”

That pretty much sums it up. Eramo is asking for $7.5 million. Rolling Stone will settle. If I’m wrong about that, it’s taking one heck of a flyer. No lawyer in his right mind would risk a trial.



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