ROLLING STONE Comes Out in Support of Jihad: "After Paris Attacks, Don't Close Doors to Refugees – Open Them"
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Rolling Stone is presently being sued by everyone in sight, including University of Virginia squirrels who were imperiled, or who had relatives die during Campus Kristallnacht on November 22, 2014, for its Jackie Coakley/Sabrina Rubin Erdely/Jann Wenner rape hoax. The rape hoax targeted a white, University of Virginia fraternity last year.

The magazine, a “New Journalism” stronghold, which is bound to soon be put out of business by its victims, could strive to die with honor, but instead is up to its old tricks. Instead of supporting the fight on Islam, it is supporting Islam, in the form of unlimited immigration for Moslem fake refugees, which means the magazine supports endless Islamic attacks, demographic warfare, and the imposition of a worldwide Caliphate.

If that is how RS founder-publisher Jan Wenner wants to be remembered, I am glad to oblige him.

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