New Ryan Andrews Piece: "Missouri Compromised" In RADIX
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I have a piece up at Radix in which I comment on the recent spate of vibrancy on the campuses of Mizzou and Yale [Missouri Compromised, November 13, 2015]. Mostly, I just report the facts of each case, while pausing now and again to sigh at these spectacles. Yes, I could have outlined, in detail, my diagnosis of the disease behind these symptoms, but I already did that  here, and in my book for that matter, and, as I said in the article, "I do not want to be one of those writers who produces the same story over and over, only with different characters."

For those of you who do not have time for a transcendent literary experience, I term our civilization's disease "The Tragedy of the West: Expand and Die"—meaning that in trying to expand, we are killing ourselves.

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