Robot Video: In Today's Workplace, Humans Need Not Apply
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Check out this 15-minute video showing the encroachment of robots and automation ever further into the modern workplace. Describing the history of machines increasingly doing the work of humans, the narrator observes, You may think weve been here before, but we havent. This time is different, because todays machines can learn and even teach themselves.

Many of the smart machines have been noted in these pages, including automated coffee kiosk that remembers your java preference and self-driving cars being masterminded by Sergey Brin, a co-founder of Google.

The video gives a realistic picture of whats coming, briefly noting that society is not prepared for very basic changes. Robots are just beginning to replace blue-collar, white-collar and professional workers, and public policy discussions need to start about the unprecedented future speeding toward us.

For starters, its obvious America doesnt need more millions of low-skilled immigrants to add to an already-existing underclass for which there are few available jobs.

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