Republican Strategist Ed Rollins Would Septuple Legal Immigration
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I happened to click on to PBS’ Charlie Rose Show yesterday where the illegal alien tsunami was being discussed by some Republican suits. Ed Rollins opined that our current system could be wildly expanded beyond the measly doubling of legal immigration (from one million annually) of the Senate amnesty bill, but should instead accept five to seven million annually.
ED ROLLINS: [starts 28:20] “We can expand the number. We are now a nation of 300 million plus people and we’re still dealing with very small numbers of immigrants, more than any other place in the world. But there’s no reason we can’t have 5, 6, 7 million legal immigrants come into the system every year and basically absorb them.”

Hey Ed Rollins, just what will 70 million unskilled foreigners do to support themselves in the next decade when the economy has become even more automated than it is now? As Oxford University researchers have estimated, 45 percent of US jobs are vulnerable to computerization in the next 20 years. The transformation is happening now: look around.

Jose won’t be packing boxes in a manufacturing plant because Baxter the Robot (shown below) will be performing that task 24/7 with a purchase price of $22,000 and operating cost for $3 per hour. The correct number of immigrants is ZERO because of the radically changing labor market, as well as failing assimilation and insufficient water supply.

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