RNC to white men: —- off ! (again)
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Evidently someone at the RNC got round to noticing that Michael S. Steel, the defeated black GOP Maryland Senate candidate, who was under consideration to replace the awful Ken Mehlman as party Chairman, had strayed off the Plantation on Immigration.


Instead we are getting one of the Plantation overseers, Senator Mel Martinez (R-Cuba). Martinez has a D grade in the Americans for Better Immigration rankings. (Martinez to be face of GOP By Anita Kumar St Petersburg Times November 13 2006)

(Rep Lincoln Diaz-Balart, R-Miami, quoted gushing

“Sen. Martinez is superbly qualified to lead our party at this challenging time…Mel personifies the American Dream, as well as our party’s commitment to diversity.”

has an F. )

Martinez can be counted on to systematically neglect the interests of the core Republican vote, white men of Christian heritage.

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