Richard B. Spencer: Alt Right Banned At The National Press Club, Has New Venue
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What_Is_the_Alt_Right_Tickets,_Fri,_Sep_9,_2016_at_1_00_PM_Eventbrite_-_2016-09-07_12.13.21The National Press Club, where Peter Brimelow, Richard B. Spencer, and Jared Taylor were supposed to be holding a press conference tomorrow, has cancelled their event, which was supposed to be held in the First Amendment Lounge, because of unspecified "security concerns", in spite of a signed contract.

The conference has been moved to an undisclosed location. If you sign up (or have already signed up) to attend through EventBrite, you'll be notified electronically of the new location via email or text.

Here's Richard  Spencer's  comment on the Press Club banning:

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