Rhode Island ACLU Thinks Illegal Immigration Is A Civil Right
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The Rhode Island ACLU [Email them] has launched a lawsuit to prevent the Governor of Rhode Island from requiring state contractors to use E-Verify.[News Release: ACLU Sues Governor Over Executive Order on Immigration—Rhode Island Affiliate American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)]

They have the usual boring complaints. ("However, since its launch, the E-Verify program has been riddled with significant flaws, and returns inaccurate information regarding the immigration and employment status of new hires—and particularly lawful foreign-born workers—at more than a minimal rate. Studies have also shown that the program has a substantial rate of employer abuse, leading to discrimination against potential employees perceived as 'foreign.'")

But really, it's about protecting illegals. While one of the plaintiffs in the suit, Rhode Island Professor Daniel Weisman, [Email him]talks about the impact of E-Verify on  "naturalized citizens and other foreign-born workers," it would actually be better for most legal immigrants if the law were enforced, because their wages would go up.

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