Responses to Pinker on Harvard Admissions
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Last week’s highly quotable article by Steven Pinker, “The Trouble with Harvard,” arguing for more intensive use of standardized testing in Harvard admissions, has generated some interesting responses.

At the Williams College-oriented Eph Blog, David Dudley Field argues “What Pinker Gets Wrong About Harvard (and Williams) Admissions.” Field takes detailed issue with Pinker’s (slightly airy) assertion “At the admissions end, it’s common knowledge that Harvard selects at most 10 percent (some say 5 percent) of its students on the basis of academic merit.”

At the Unz Review, Razib Khan says that in his years of arguing over the Internet that he’s been more impressed with people who went to Harvard for grad school rather than people who went to Harvard for undergrad.

David Brooks in the NYT argues contra Pinker that universities should indeed be engineers of souls.

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