Republican Victories Credited To Obama By Axelrod—Is There Anything This President Can't Do?
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David Axelrod is spinning Republican victories in gubernatorial elections as victories for Obamaism. Is there anything this President can't do? (Or lie about?)

George Neumayr in the American Spectator:

" 'Victory has a thousand fathers,' said John F. Kennedy, 'but defeat is an orphan.'

David Axelrod, netting the prize for the most shameless display of post-defeat spinning, added an additional father to Bob McDonnell's victory in Virginia: Barack Obama.

McDonnell ran 'not as a Sarah Palin Republican, but more as a Barack Obama centrist,' said Axelrod, according to liberal columnist E.J. Dionne.

Axelrod's fanciful description of Obama as a 'centrist' betrays what he denies: that hundreds of thousands of voters in major states once thought permanently blue did recoil from a year of radical, Obama-led change, both real and proposed."

Barack Obama as a centrist was always  a David Axelrod created myth. This is something we said before the election, and Americans who get their news from the New York Times are finding out afterwards.
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