Report: Looting In New York, As NYPD Calls Up Retirees To Replace Officers Who Called In Sick (With "Blue Flu", Not Corona)
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An ex-law enforcement reader emails:

I ran into an acquaintance recently who is a retired NYPD Detective. He told me that NYC is calling up retired police officers to come help patrol New York City. He's going back because they offered him an increase in retirement salary for just doing one more month of work in New York. He hopes to see a significant pension upgrade when his full retirement kicks in a few years from now thanks to this one extra month. He said that the city is having a dual problem with more looters and the "blue flu" where a lot of NYPD Officers are calling in sick to work. I haven't heard any official reports on the looting, but I guess the quarantine is keeping eyes indoors that might otherwise be reporting crime.

In chatting, he said that when Giuliani was mayor, the NYPD really got control of things. When Bloomberg became mayor, he initially just kept Giuliani's policies in place, but then started to back track them a little bit. Now, with DeBlasio as mayor, things have really gone downhill.

Remember, looting is already coming back to America in California due to soft-on-crime policies before coronavirus.

Now with the lockdown, the soft-on-crime people are going crazy.

Check out these by Paul Kersey:


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