A California Syndicated Columnist Is Disgusted By VDARE.COM; Patrick Cleburne Turns The Other Cheek
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August 30, 2009, 05:00 AM
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From: Thomas Elias (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne`s Blog: An Elephant Is Blocking Obamacare

I am disgusted that anything I would ever write could end up on a place like VDARE.COM, the very essence of bigotry.

Patrick Cleburne replies: Thomas Elias whose work is published, apparently, "twice weekly in 70 newspapers around California", purporting to discuss public policy issues in a serious way, is upset because I dared to praise one of his recent columns.

A major difficulty is advancing understanding of America`s immigration disaster is the hysterical emotionalism about immigration and immigration reformers by many who hog valuable positions in the MSM.

Thus, Elias` silly response in no way detracts from the validity of the point for which I praised him: illegal immigrants are a major contributor to the health care crisis; and until Obama and the Democrats explain how they intend to deal with them, no meaningful assessment of Obamacare is possible. (The same applies to low-income legal immigrants, but it would probably distress Elias too much to think about that.)

Still, I have hopes for Elias. Our friend Steven Steinlight started his immigration-restrictionist career with wild attacks on Peter Brimelow and Alien Nation (probably for the same reason)—and has gone on to do brave and valuable work.

So VDARE.COM readers inclined to e-mail Elias should be polite!