Renee Ellmers (Cheap Labor Lobby- NC2) Shows True Colors Again
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renee ellmers

R Ellmers: "Obey me, Serfs!"

Congresscritter Renee Ellmers (SlavePower–NC2) has done it again! H/T One Old Vet for alerting me to Ellmers Berates Constituents for Opposing Amnesty: 'You Don't Have Any Damn Facts!'  by Tony Lee 22 Mar 2014 which supplied the above clip and chivalrously pointed out

...immigration activist Ron Woodard, the head of a non-profit organization called NC Listen, wrote about his meeting with Ellmers.

"I have arranged 11 group trips to Washington, DC over the last 12 years to meet with US House members and US Senators from North Carolina to discuss immigration reform, not to mention other trips I made to DC myself and local trips, so I have had a lot of experience meeting with members of Congress…Today's meeting with Congresswoman Ellmers was the most (contemptuous) meeting with a member of Congress I have taken part in. From the beginning she showed a sense of arrogance and disdain for meeting with us."

(In part this was because
Congresswoman Ellmers already in Asheboro arrived 17 minutes late and said we had only have 13 minutes to speak with her.

As she arrived she said only 3 persons could meet in her office, even though there were four chairs and plenty of standing room. I mentioned how we scrambled to meet her in Asheboro with her last minute change and all ten attendees are her constituents and her reply was, "I am in charge and only three can be in the meeting", so the others had to wait in her small lobby just outside her office and to add insult to injury they closed the door on the 7 constituents.")

A Report on the Arrogance of Power By Ron Woodward 3/21/14

Woodward then proceeds to what judging from the above clip is an accurate account of the meeting/brawl:

I asked her why she was for giving legal work permits to illegal immigrants when we have 20 million citizens in the USA who are either unemployed or are working part-time but want and cannot find a full-time job …I asked her repeatedly and she NEVER would answer that question.

Not once during our conversation did Ellmers ever say she was concerned or troubled by our high unemployment rate and how citizens are was over and over about citizens won't take jobs and why we had to allow illegal immigrants to "earn" legal work permits.

I mentioned the contacts I get in desperation from people who have lost their jobs to illegals, and she said in effect she didn't believe me, but yet she believes cheap labor industries/companies who tell her they can't find citizens who want to work.

( emphasis)

This is completely accurate. Ellmers eagerly accepts anecdotal evidence from employers/donors but smears the same from Patriots as hearsay. As Woodward correctly noted, Ellmers displays not a shred of empathy for her constituents who are being harmed by excessive immigration.

Bob Woodward’s NCListen website is here. Thanks, David Steinberg for more videos here.  The Randolph Tea Party site from which the video collection were harvested is here.

Breitbart posted another devastating  story Ellmers story on Friday:  Fact Check: Renee Ellmers Does Not Share Immigration Views with Cruz, Lee, Paul as She Claimed   by Matthew Boyle  21 Mar 2014-03-24 Apparently she is totally suited to her Financier Mark Zuckerberg.

Her Primary challenger Frank Roche must be delighted.

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