First World Problem, Third World Attitude: "Please Correct My Name. I Know It's Not An Easy White Person Name, But..."
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Slate's Dave Weigel always cheerfully retweets attacks on him, see below, where he gets two from someone called  Rania Khalek.

"I know it's not an easy white person name"? White people are named Skaskiw, Theodoracopulos, Borzellieri, Kurtagic, Monastyrskyj, Papageorgiou, Verhaegh, and Zernik.

Weigel repeatedly wrote about “Tuscon” after the Tucson shootings, so if he spelled your name wrong, check your own privilege.The problem isn't "racism",  or white orthographic privilege, however—Weigel simply can't spell. After Peter Brimelow was on a panel at CPAC, Weigel wrote what I called a "brief, non-rabid" account of it, and I wrote that

You’ll notice, or perhaps you won’t, that Weigel has spelled Weltanschauung wrong above. He’s a bad speller, and , and has furthermore misspelled “mezzanine,” (above). But we sympathize—we’re terrible proof-readers. At at least he’s not filled with hate.
Hate for us, that is. But his spelling failures aren't about race, unless you've been conditioned to think everything is about race.
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