Reminder: Senator Tom Cotton Needs Encouragement From Immigration Patriots—Especially Arkansans
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Reminder: on Friday, we published my article On Immigration, Will Tom Cotton Succeed Jeff Sessions As “America’s Senator”?

In it, I called on readers to encourage Senator Tom Cotton. Sample:

We at have long regarded Jeff Sessions [R-AL] as “America’s senator” because of his tireless work on behalf of our native-born citizenry, especially on immigration and international trade.  But what happens now that he’ll apparently be leaving the Senate to become Attorney General in the Trump administration?  Fortunately, there is an answer: Senator Tom Cotton [R-AR]

Cotton is a rara avis in Sodom-on-the-Potomac: He grew up on a farm in Arkansas and then—despite being the lowest of the low (i.e. a white male from Flyover Country)—was accepted at Harvard.  He graduated with a B.A. in just three years.

Cotton floated around a bit after that, then returned to Harvard for law school.  After using the latter degree for a few years, this Harvard B.A./J.D. enlisted in the U.S. Army, subsequently seeing combat in Iraq and later serving in Afghanistan.


There are reasons to be hopeful that Cotton will be able and willing to step up once Sessions has left the Senate.  On September 26, 2016, he and Congressman Mike Pompeo [R-KS] published an article in the Wall Street Journal with the highly promising title, What We Learned in Scandinavia About Migrants: Sweden failed. Norway succeeded—in part because it did what Trump does: Listen.  [If the provided link yields a behind-the-paywall message, try Googling on the phrase “what we learned in Scandinavia about migrants.”]


So, regulars, please consider piling on the compliments to reinforce Senator Cotton’s highly encouraging behavior!  I did this soon after his appearance with Tucker Carlson by phoning Cotton’s Washington, DC office [202-224-2353] and emphasizing to the message-taker the importance of the senator’s strong statement about reducing legal immigration.

If you’re new at making such calls, you might want to first listen to the recording (MP3 clip, below) of my end [only] of that call as an example; it’s about 70 seconds long.

It’s important that Cotton hear this encouragement from all over the country. It might well finally convince him he needs to become “America’s senator.”

It’s also critical that he receive massive approval from his fellow patriotic Arkansans.  They, too, might phone the DC office.  But if they’d like to engage in a lengthier, lower-pressure exchange with a staffer, it’ll generally be better to phone one of Senator Cotton’s district offices.  These are in Little Rock (501-223-9081), Springdale (479-751-0879), El Dorado (870-864-8582), and Jonesboro (870-933-6223).

Whether you’re in Arkansas or abroad in America, go to it, immigration patriots!

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