Refugee Resettlement Watch's Weekly Roundup: Feds, Refugee Racketeers Plan Rape Of Spartanburg SC; etc.
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Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch writes:
We haven’t posted a round-up for a few weeks because we have been busy, but so has RRW.  Last week we set our biggest one day record with our post on Spartanburg, SC.  That post was clicked on by over 20,000 readers which we think is great for a small narrowly-focused blog like this one.

We hope a number of you let Rep. Trey Gowdy (chairman of the House subcommittee responsible for the refugee program) know how you feel!

This week Spartanburg still tops the list…Top three posts for the week are:

1) Breaking News: Spartanburg, South Carolina targeted to be colonized as next refugee ‘seed’ community

2) A reader from Malta gives us a look at what the illegal aliens are doing to the tiny island nation

3) Our fact sheet

The Feds apparently intend to debauch Spartanburg SC just like they did New Bern NC, where a Burmese "refugee" (they're really just expedited, politically-favored immigrants) just committed yet another Immigrant Mass Murder. Ann's take on New Bern is here, containing the interesting information that the Interfaith Refugee Ministry, the refugee "contractor" responsible,
took in $1,138,222 one recent year and $1,054,809 came to them from you—via government grants.  They are 93% funded by taxpayer dollars, therefore they are an arm of the federal government, not a charitable ‘church’ group!
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