Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup For Week Ending July 25: Trump Wobbles, Chattanooga Shooter’s Family, Etc.
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rrwAnn Corcoran's Refugee Resettlement Watch is up for the week ending July 25. She writes
This morning I’m waking up to news that Donald Trump may have shot his campaign in the foot when he slipped into the mumbo-jumbo about pathways to citizenship for illegals last week.  See Daniel Greenfield here.  It is one thing to stand up for the American people with his broad brush approach up to now, but he must begin to understand the issues in a deeper way (pretty quickly) or his lack of understanding will show on the debate stage on August 6th.

If I could tell Mr. Trump what to do, I would tell him to consult the experts and study—morning, noon, and night—from now until August 6th!

I’m digressing.  Here are our Top Three Posts of last week (Top daily posts are in the right hand side bar).

1) How did Chattanooga shooter’s family get here?

2) Center for Security Policy releases ‘Red-Green Axis: the agenda to erase America!’

3) Refugee Resettlement Fact Sheet

I’m interested to see that our Fact Sheet is back in the top three, but we really need to update it …one of these days!

Especially check out the post on what brought the shooters family to the US—the point is that that here isn't a definitive answer because nobody in the MSM is asking. (The blurred photograph is from an MSM outlet protecting their "privacy.") Read the whole thing here: RRW weekly roundup for week ending July 25, 2015
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