Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup For Week Ending August 8: A Million YouTube Views, A New Twitter Feed, And Pockets Of Resistance
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Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup is up for the week ending August 8.

Her YouTube video has passed a million views, she writes that "Pockets of Resistance are springing up and growing around the country (see our category where we archive posts about ‘Pockets of Resistance’)", you can follow her on Twitter at @RefugeeWatcher and here are the top three posts:

St. Cloud, MN news last week brought thousands of new viewers to RRW as posts about St. Cloud (a Pocket of Resistance) were two of our three top posts for the week.

Top Three Posts for the week

1) St. Cloud, MN: Tiny pro-Somali group at Courthouse, large gathering at the VFW, media focuses on tiny group

2) Texas Congressman introduces bill to suspend Refugee Resettlement Program!

3) St. Cloud, MN: AFL-CIO operative using intimidation tactics, stirs racial unrest….

Go to Refugee Resettlement Watch for more.
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