Ferguson, Yet Again: More Shooting, This Time Live on Video
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At a demonstration in Ferguson on the one-anniversary of Michael Brown’s violent spree, a violent spree breaks out.

Here’s video from Putin’s channel RT of tonight’s gun battle in Ferguson, with a few dozen shots fired. You can see some of the muzzle flashes, although I can’t make much sense of what’s happening.

Here are people on Reddit trying to analyze the videos.

If you can explain what’s going on, help me out.

By the way if you are a strategist for one of the 20 or so Presidential candidates, all this is probably starting to remind you of what you’ve vaguely heard about that far distant election year of 1968 in which the Democratic candidate wound up with 18.4 percentage points less than the Democratic candidate in 1964, despite tremendous prosperity over those four years.

You’d likely find it helpful to read the recent memoir by Pat Buchanan of what 1968 looked like from the winner’s elbow: The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority.

If you are a Hillary strategist who had been methodically planning her coronation by hopping on the trendy Black Lives Matter bandwagon, you might be feeling right now like LBJ strategists must have felt after the Detroit riots in the summer of 1967.

By the way, earlier today before this amazing RT footage from Ferguson via Moscow, a reader wrote claiming that RT’s stance on police v. crooks is strikingly similar to the NYT’s:

… stoking minority & immigrant anger is Standard Operating Procedure for the USSR stooge news outlet RT, which I occasionally watch for the same perspective our media gives. I’d like to say RT gives a different perspective than say Faux news or MSNBC, unfortunately, its more of the same with the constant attempts to rile up minorities.

Objectively watch for yourself for an hour or two: “rile up minorities” is on their daily “to do list”, (on fox it’s a constant whine about them- which angers minorities toward conservatives for some strange reason) …

The Democratic party platform has the same platform of the Old USSR (as if that 70 year social experiment criminal mafia train wreck collapse never happened).

“Wreck America as fast as possible through any means”

I don’t have cable, so I don’t have an opinion on any cable news channel, but I thought it was interesting that he asserted that the Russian and American establishments seem to have similar stances on this question, just that Obama and Hillary claim they are doing it for the good of America, while Putin is obviously out to undermine our country.
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