Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup For The Week Ending October 30, 2015: Use Our Free Speech While We Still Have It!
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Ann Corcoran's Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup is up, and Ann has some advice for you:
Before I give you the three top posts this past week, I would like to respond to a reader who asked what more could she do.  It has been a while since I mentioned my big nag—write a state or local blog on what you learn about refugee resettlement and any other migration (including illegal!) going on where you live.  A facebook page is o.k. but it’s hard for someone a year later to find documents you have unearthed.

Use our free speech while we still have it!

Researching the material and writing a free blog (or a website) from the comfort of your home is very easy and then others who come along later can benefit from what you have learned, from the facts you have gathered.  Also, take pleasure in knowing that those who are seeking to change America with mass migration (like those running that Washington DC pow-wow I wrote about on Friday) have operated with such secrecy for years that they will be furious when exposed as more and more Americans catch on—-help your friends and neighbors understand what is happening to us (and the whole western world)!

With the facts that you provide, I’m hopeful that citizens who love America will then pressure elected officials at all levels of government to pull back from the edge, from the edge of destruction of Western Civilization.  It is that important.

Here then are the Top Three Posts bringing readers to RRW this past week.   Top daily posts are in the right hand side bar.

Top Three Posts:

1)Sweden: Ungrateful ‘refugees’ refuse housing in a beautiful wooded location….

2)Paul Ryan speakership campaign reveals traitors in our midst (South Carolina and Idaho pay attention)

3)Gatestone: Sweden close to collapse

Read the whole thing, including more about Sweden.
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