Refugee Resettlement Watch Monthly Roundup: St. Cloud, MN Billboard Removed When Catholic Charities Complains, Etc.
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The latest Refugee Resettlement Watch roundup is in—Ann Corcoran writes
For me, the most fun I had in February was tweeting more frequently.  I’m a newbie at it, but just passed the 2,000 mark for twitter followers!  For news junkies it is fun to quickly get lots of information out without having to work too hard!  And, even if you aren’t on twitter, you can see what I send and open the story links in the right hand side bar here.  There is way too much news now on refugees for me to keep up any other way.

Follow me on twitter, here, I am @RefugeeWatcher.

But, don’t forget facebook!  We have a facebook page too with over 16,000 likes! We post many of our stories there, but try not to overload your facebook feed.  Kelly Monroe Kullberg helps me there and she posts some other stories that we think will interest you.

Here are the Top Three Posts for the month of February (in addition to our fact sheet which is always popular even if a little outdated):

  1. Pope’s publicity stunt at Texas border timed to influence US election

  2. St. Cloud, MN billboard removed when Catholic Charities complains

  3. Scotland: Man arrested for “Islamophobic” facebook comments about Syrian refugees

She also lists the Top Ten Countries (excluding the US) from which RRW received readers, saying "It is pretty much the same bunch every month, with a little variation (countries where citizens are really frightened!)"

The countries are Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Sweden, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, and South Africa.

Reading that, I thought "They're putting refugees into South Africa?" And they are, too. Read the whole thing here.

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