Refugee Resettlement Roundup For September 9th: "Are You Ready For Rohingya Muslims And Their ‘cultural’ Differences?"
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Ann Corcoran's weekly Refugee Resettlement Roundup is here—Ann writes
This is going to be a quick summary of the top posts of the past week because there is just too much other information I need to get posted. (New readers might want to visit last week’s round-up with lots more background information about RRW.)

The Top Three Posts of the past week are as follows (for top daily posts, see right hand sidebar):

Here comes the nagging again!

On this last one, are you ready for tomorrow and every day this week?

Do you have a list of who you are going to call or write to in Washington? If you are just arriving here today for the first time, see my tag ‘Where is Congress’ for background.

By the way, many of those on the Freedom Caucus have been friends on various conservative issues, but that is no excuse to leave them alone on this oneprobably the most important issue facing this country since its founding.  As I have said on many occasions we can roll back all sorts of progressive agenda items, but once they change the demographic make-up of America we are done.  Frankly you won’t be rolling back the Hijra as their numbers mushroom!

A reader suggests you might want to contact Speaker Paul Ryan’s office here (not his Congressional office, but the Speaker’s office) and tell him you want Congress to DEFUND THE REFUGEE PROGRAM!

The Refugee Industry will be out in force in Washington this week as they prime the propaganda pump for Obama’s big United Nations pow-wow next week (on the 20th) where Obama will say he wants as many as 200,000 refugees admitted to the US in FY17. 

Finally, the reason I wanted to make a new video is because I want to help all Americans understand that this is not about Obama anymore! This is about the Republicans we elected to protect us in Washington!

Remember they can’t flood your towns with the third world if they don’t have enough of your money to do it! And, the Republicans hold the purse strings! [More]

See also this report from an RRW reader:

Ann, they are indeed not being vetted! As a shocking update to the refugee family in my family member’s apartment (Evanston, IL), it turns out that these people LIED to World Relief and the church that sponsored them. They were evicted last week after doing over $4,500 worth of damage to the apartment. When the landlord tried to bill them for repairs, it turned out that EVERY piece of information they gave to World Relief and the church was a LIE. The Evanston Police are now involved. This family has gone underground. So much for vetting. Even the contractors are fooled!

What are the two important points to take away? First, refugees are not being thoroughly vetted (some not vetted at all), and that landlords are increasingly wary of leasing to refugees especially as we learned here, the resettlement contractors dropping them in your towns will not back up the refugees by co-signing their leases (amazing!).

Comment worth noting: Refugees are liars in Illinois (and where you live too!) September 12, 2016

Of course, the "refugees" are racial minorities, so any skeptical landlords will find themselves in trouble with the Federal Government under "antidiscrimination" law.
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