The Flight 93 Election—"Decius" Responds To Critics
September 13, 2016, 09:41 AM
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"Decius," the anonymous author of "The Flight 93 Election," has responded to critics of the piece, and his response is as good as the original.

It is, in fact, so uniformly good as almost to defy quotation.  Every bit is as good as every other bit.  Here's a sample, though, on Donald Trump's alleged immoderation.

For this objection to be decisive, Trump’s personal immoderation would have to be on a level that aspires to tyrannical rule. I don’t see it. Not even close. The charge of “buffoon” seems a million times more apt than “tyrant.” And even so, one must wonder how buffoonish the alleged buffoon really is when he is right on the most important issues while so many others who are esteemed wise are wrong. Hillary Clinton launched the Libya war, perhaps the worst security policy mistake in US history—which divided a country between two American enemies and anarchy, and took a stream of refugees into Europe and surged it into a flood. She pledges to vastly increase the refugee flow from the Middle East into our communities (and, mark my words, they will be Red State communities). Trump by contrast promises not to launch misguided wars, to protect our borders, and to focus immigration policy on the well-being of the currently-constituted American people. Who is truly more moderate: the colorful loudmouth with the sensible agenda or the corrupt, icy careerist with the radical agenda?
Read the whole thing.  Please!
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