Refugee entrepreneur creates jobs for Americans (not).
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Besim Tabuku, an Albanian Refugee admitted to this country in 1999, operates a restaurant in the village of Mount Clare, in downstate Illinois. An idyllic case of immigrant entrepreneur creating employment, right?

Wrong. Tabuku was sentenced to 5 month in prison on Tuesday for employing nine Mexican illegals, whom he accommodated in a house he owned (enterprising!).

Restaurant owner gets five-month sentence By Maggie Borman The Telegraph October 23 2008

In total, nine illegal aliens were found to be working for Tabaku and residing at the Benld home that Tabaku owned. All nine illegal aliens were deported to Mexico.

Mount Clare, incidentally, while 97% white, is not a rich town: median household income in 2007 was estimated at $43,100. Difficult to believe native-born labor was not readily available.

It looks like Joe Guzzardi might be right. The ICE agency is doing things differently.

It also looks like these Refugees are an ungrateful lot, with no respect for the America which gave them shelter

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