REALLY Don't Underestimate Faith Goldy—Her Run For Mayor Of Toronto Is More Than A Protest
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The "Don't Underestimate Faith Goldy" piece pictured above is actually a hit piece—the reason given for not underestimating Ms. Goldy is that a fringe character was almost elected Mayor of Toronto in the mid-70s, this being the kind of attack that worked so well in beating Trump.

But Faith Goldy's campaign for Mayor of Toronto is quite serious, despite a virtual blackout of MSM coverage:

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Toronto has become more multicultural, with a concomitant increase in crime. At the same time, political correctness (and Canadian PC is worse than American) have led to restrictions on policing:

Faith Goldy covered the story of the latest Islamic mass shooter in Toronto—see In Toronto Mass Shooting, Police Aren't Disclosing Name, Race, Or Religion Of Shooter /UPDATE: "Faisal Hussain of Toronto".

She's also aware that violent criminals aren't the only immigration problem a nation faces—see "Immigrant Master Race?"—Faith Goldy (And!) On Importing A New Overclass, on her video referencing John Derbyshire's work here.

Check out the Goldy campaign site here.


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