Reader Response To Britain's "Home Grown" Terror Plot
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A reader writes, in response to the item about the foiled Muslim terrorist plot in Britain, that

I saw all of the "suits" on TV this morning doing their normal news conference after having stumbled onto this terrorist plot to blow up planes coming into the U.S. from the U.K. The suits made all the usual remarks regarding the increase in the terror level, refusing to admit (as the investigation is ongoing) that any of the plotters had links to cells here in the U.S. And again assured us that airplane travel was safe but there were going to be some inconveniences. You know, like last year, when we all had to remove our shoes unless we were wearing flip flops. My husband commented, after the shoe bomber incident, that had Richard Reid been carrying those explosives up his butt, then 60 year old white women and 5 year old white boys would have been made to bend over for the TSA workers. Thankfully that plot was foiled by a very observant flight attendant and in all honesty, taking off my shoes seemed a lot less embarrassing than the other alternative. In any event, the suits droned on about how safe we are and they are sending federal marshals to the U.K. to assist in the investigation. And reminded us again that if we were traveling to contact our carrier to find out about delays or what time we needed to be at the airport. I only have 2 years of college, quite obviously, I and many American citizens aren't nearly as brilliant or educated as the suits that work in our government and who continually tell us that we are only going to be a little inconvenienced at the airports, while TSA workers juggle baby bottles filled with formula and check shampoo to make sure it's not explosive. Not being very educated along with millions of other fair minded citizens of this once great country, it continually amazes me that none of these educated suits, including the one sitting in the White House, even thought that they could make our trips to the airport and through security so much easier and quicker if they would QUIT SEARCHING LITTLE OLD LADIES AND LITTLE OLD MEN WITH PACEMAKERS AND LITTLE WHITE BOYS AND GIRLS AND START STOPPING AND CHECKING MOHAMMED, et al, who glides through airport security with barely a glance in his direction. But then what would the suits or the President know about being inconvenienced, they fly around on private airplanes. Wouldn't it be great if we citizens could make these guys wait in airport security, remove their shoes and liquids from the carrying on bags, just like the rest of us poor schmucks.

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