British Home Secretary: "We Have To Get Away From This Daft, So-Called Politically Correct Notion That Anybody Who Wants To Talk About Immigration Is Somehow A Racist."
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John Reid has recently been a breath of fresh air from Tony Blair's painfully PC government, which is still trying to make nice with the mythical moderate Muslim.

    The popular U.K. tabloid the Mirror called it "Reid's grim warning."

    Then today, just a day after British Home Secretary John Reid delivered a major speech in London on security and terrorism, it appears to have come true with Scotland Yard's announcement that a "terrorist plot to blow up aircraft [bound for the U.S., from Britain,] in mid-flight has been thwarted," and that the national-security threat level at U.K. airports has been raised to "critical."

    Yesterday, Reid (of Britain's ruling Labour Party) delivered a much-anticipated a speech at Demos, a London-based organization that describes itself as "the think tank for everyday democracy," with a "a major program of research on global security." Reid told his audience: "Our adversaries in international terrorism are completely unconstrained....They endeavor to drain our morale through the misuse of our freedoms by misrepresenting every mistake or over-reaction as if it is our primary or real purpose."

    Reid warned "that Britain may have to give up some of its freedoms in the short term in order to protect them in the long term," and that "the government's terrorism legislation had proved necessary despite the opposition it has met from Parliament, the judiciary and the press." [...]

    Reid's speech came just a few days after his most recent public comments on the controversial subject of immigration to Britain. Speaking to the BBC, he called for a open, productive discussion and said: "We have to get away from this daft, so-called politically correct notion that anybody who wants to talk about immigration is somehow a racist." Against the backdrop of increasing immigration from new European Union countries like Poland (through late March of this year, 228,235 Poles had registered for work in the U.K. since May 2004), Reid said: "I don't accept that there's this unmanaged tide, but I do accept that people want reassurance that when we are allowing people to come to this country, they contribute something towards it." [ British Home Secretary Reid's "grim warning" quickly comes true, August 10, 2006 ]

    The first "freedom" Britain should discard is its foolish multicultural immigration policy. There is no worse threat to national security than welcoming enemies by the hundreds of thousands into home communities. A recent Pew poll found that 81 percent of British Muslims thought of themselves as Muslim first, rather than British citizens. One quarter of British Muslims believe the 7/7 London bombings which killed 52 were justified.

    See also the 2005 article, America Infiltrated By Jihadi Terrorists: Box Score.

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