Reader Replies To Navarrette In MSM
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My column today mentions Ruben Navarrette's syndicated column attacking Peter Brimelow. The column, which is carried,  under a variety of editor-provided titles by too many MSM outlets accross the fruited plain, has provoked reader reactions. I like this one, and have added links:

Ruben Navarrette’s hit piece on Peter Brimelow (“At least he’s honest,” Opinion, Feb. 20) uses all the predictable cheap shots – name calling (“vile,” “dangerous”), suggesting that his views should be disregarded because he is an immigrant himself, and secondhand character assassination (repeating the unproven claim by the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center – a direct-mail fundraising scam – that Brimelow’s website is a “hate site”). Which is to say, SPLC disagrees with it. Trying to make opposing points of view “off limits” is reminiscent of McCarthyism.

What Navarrette fails to do is refute any of Brimelow’s arguments on the merits. The fact is, America (and particularly Southern California) is being overwhelmed by an influx of poorly educated, unskilled immigrants who don’t speak English and – unlike previous waves of immigrants – have little interest in assimilating into our culture.

If acknowledging reality makes Navarrette want to “take a shower,” then he is truly in a state of denial about the demographic catastrophe facing our nation. What we need is a reasoned debate, not more petulant posturing from advocates of multiculturalism. – Mark Pulliam, San Diego

See more responses at the San Diego Union-Tribune. Email Ruben Navarrette.

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