Mapping The Dark Enlightenment
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Happy St. George’s Day, everybody!  (Although I’m not getting that Google Doodle on my Google search page.  I guess it’s region-specific.)

My brief roundup of Dark Reaction websites a few weeks ago naturally left out a lot.  Here’s a nifty diagram showing many more, and also showing distinctions and relationships. (Click to enlarge)

Mapping The Dark EnlightenmentCredit: Visualizing Neoreaction | Habitable Worlds, April 21, 2013

It needs work, though.  Where’s  Where’s Randall Parker?  Unamusement Park, in a properly reactionary spirit (“Only dead fish swim with the current”—Malcolm Muggeridge) has gone from a web blog to print format . . . and so on.

The diagram’s still nifty, though, and on the right [sic] lines [sic].  I urge readers to post comments suggesting improvements.

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