Ravenel Certified For S.C. Senate Race. "F" On Immigration But Unique On Israel
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Graham Ravenel

H/T Holy City Sinner.Com

Contrary to the expectations of some, Thomas Ravenel mustered the 10,000 signatures needed and is officially in the South Carolina Senate race against Lindsey Graham:  Thomas Ravenel Certified For November Ballot FITSNEWS Wednesday Aug 6th 2014

Ravenel’s presence on the ballot is a major blow to the reelection efforts of Graham, who spent more than $5 million in the 2014 GOP primary only to see his unfavorability rating eclipse his favorability in a post-election poll.  In fact Graham has remained at roughly 45 percent in a four-way race, and is unlikely to pick up any additional public support no matter how much money he spends.

Meanwhile without spending a dime on television advertising, Ravenel is already polling at 10 percent according to media surveys

Tragically, and as I feared Ravenel has adopted an unintelligent Left-Libertarian/Plutocrat stance on immigration.

My campaign embraces legal immigration – including a robust worker visa program whereby we can permit and document workers who want to come to America to create jobs for our citizens and expand our consumer economy. In fact America needs to widen its avenues for legal immigration instead of educating the world’s best and brightest – and then kicking them out of our country to innovate and create jobs elsewhere.

Ravenel sneers at the need for effective Border enforcement – in this respect Victor Kocher, the actual Libertarian candidate is far better – and offers no plan to deal with the illegals already here. No mention of the Anchor Baby loophole of course, which cedes the high ground on this issue to Graham.

This leaves Immigration Patriots unrepresented in the race. I suppose Ravenel deserves some credit for sticking to his misguided principles, but in a State where the damage done to workers by excessive immigration has been long documented spurning such a significant and homeless constituency in a 4-way race is obtuse.

That does not mean his bid is without interest. Now that Rand Paul has caved on the issue, Ravenel’s Israel stance is probably unique. His website proclaims he

…supports Israel’s right to defend itself, but called for an immediate end to all U.S. foreign aid in the Middle East – part of a global recalibration of American resources.

“We have no more business subsidizing Israel’s war machine than we have subsidizing radical jihadists in Syria… “It is not America’s job to subsidize Israel’s war or the terrorist groups fighting in Syria and other Middle Eastern nations – which is why I will vote to eliminate these costly subsidies and put that money to work in the American economy.”

“Israel can and should defend itself – with its own money,”

With Lindsey Graham as obedient a Zionist poodle as he is a Treason Lobby servant and the South Carolina GOP a Sheldon Adelson subsidiary this is certainly differentiation!

Of course this guarantees Ravenel an MSM blackout.
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