Rand Paul Defined By Retreat — Now on Foreign Aid
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Immigration patriots are already familiar with Rand Paul's tendency to reverse his position at the behest of his donors.  Now, the supposed libertarian is doing it on foreign aid.  Paul once said that he was opposed to all foreign aid.  Now however,
Twice—twice!—Paul denies he ever had a "legislative" proposal to cut aid to Israel. As Moody (and everyone else on the trail) explains, Paul actually proposed a cessation of all foreign aid, back in 2011, when he was coming up with ways to erase the budget deficit in one year. As a bunch of people reported at the time, this was a bold and unusual position (even Eric Cantor proposed cutting all aid except aid to Israel—sorry, Pakistan) and it put Paul under a microscope. He told ABC News that Israel was "an important ally, but ... their per capita income is greater than probably three-fourths of the rest of the world."
[Why is Rand Paul claiming he "never" wanted to phrase out aid to Israel? by Dave Weigel, Slate, August 4, 2014]

Again, it's not that Rand Paul is opposed to state aid for ethnostates that restrict immigration.  It just has to be a state in the Middle East.

Explain again how Rand Paul is different from all the other politicians?

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