Rasmussen: Even Including "Leaners" Romney's White Vote Lead Static.
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GOP Election Consultants demonstrating Anti-Obama Strategy

Saturday’s Rasmussen Poll shows Obama 48% Romney 46%
Since Friday Obama has picked up a point.

Rasmussen subscribers can learn the crucial racial breakdown:

Race             White     Black   Other
Romney       56%        4%      32%
Obama         37%       94%     62%

Since Friday Obama has picked up a point amongst whites and 4 points amongst Others. Romney’s Black support is reported as down a point.

On Monday Rasmussen starts including what it describes as “Leaners” in its flagship poll.

Leaners are those who are initially uncommitted to the two leading candidates but lean towards one of them when asked a follow-up question

Saturday’s version of this is Obama 49% Romney 47%

The racial breakdown is:

Race                           White               Black                 Other
Romney                      57%                   4%                 32%
Obama                       38%                  96%                 64%

Romney’s handlers have allowed the campaign to become a referendum on whether American think a rich man is likely to be sympathetic to them. The Republican Establishment seems to be successfully emulating the California GOP.    

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