Ramesh Ponnuru Wrong About "Cuckservatism"—It’s Not Derived From Interracial Sex, But MASOCHISM
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In The 'Alt-Right' Makes Dubious Claims on Conservatism [August 25, 2016] Ramesh Ponnuru of (a)  National Review and (b) Bloomberg News has a response to Hillary’s Alt Right speech. This piece appears on Bloomberg News, so you know Ponnuru must be a Respectable Conservative.

Now, Ponnuru, a first generation American of Hindu ancestry, has never liked the Paleo Right,  Pat Buchanan, or what he called (in A Conservative No More—The tribal politics of Pat Buchanan, October 11, 1999)  “identity politics for white people. “

He’s the author of “Minding the 'Golden Door': Toward a Restrictionism that can Succeed”, which attacked VDARE.com by name in April , 2001.

So we can expect him to be just as dismissive of the modern Alt Right as he was of Buchananism and of us. He  writes (emphasis added)

They call themselves “alt” to distinguish themselves from conservatives, whom they consider weak, out of touch and boring. They find the mainstream conservative fixations on free markets, limited government, the Constitution and the sanctity of unborn human life beside the point.

Their own fixations are instead racial. A lot of them are pretty forthright about that. In one of the earliest essays to identify and defend an “alternative right,” in 2010, Richard Hoste explained that the chief defect of mainstream conservatism is that it fails to take a natural racial hierarchy, “with whites and Asians at the top and blacks at the bottom,” as its organizing principle. Both government policy and, even more, our public discussions of race have to begin from that premise, he wrote.

Hoste mentioned other ideas that have continued to dominate the alt-right. Affirmative action unjustly subverts the racial hierarchy; “low-IQ Mexican immigration is the greatest threat to America”; whites are unjustly denied the positive racial identity that U.S. culture encourages for other groups.

Not surprisingly, such Republican efforts as there have been to appeal to nonwhites come in for scorn from the alt-right, which places its political hopes in a strategy of raising white racial consciousness. Also unsurprisingly, race-mixing is not very popular in these circles. An epithet alt-righties use for conservatives is cuckservative,” or “cuck,” referring to a cuckolded conservative. It has its origin in disgust for interracial sex. (I’ll let you Google it yourself.)

Most of this is stuff we’ve seen before from Ponnuru, and he doesn’t seem to bother to refute Hoste’s points. His note about the origin of the word  “cuckservative” is wrong, though.

It doesn’t have its origins in “disgust for interracial sex” but the opposite. If you Google “interracial cuckolding” what you find is a sexual fetish for interracial sex.

I strongly suggest you take my word for that—but if you click on this link you will see the search results, and if you click on any of those links, you will be fired from your job if you’re using a work computer.

What “cuckolding” fetishists do is fantasize about watching their wife being “taken” by another man.  The “interracial cuckolding” fetish pornography is white men fantasizing about their wives being “taken” by a black man. It’s the fetish that’s disgusting, not the fact that there is such a thing as interracial sex.

Wikipedia says that “Psychology regards cuckold fetishism as a variant of masochism, the cuckold deriving pleasure from being humiliated”. That more or less describes the campaigns of John McCain and Mitt Romney in 2008 and 2012.

The metaphor of cuckservatism (which is not about anyone's actual personal life or sexual conduct) is about conservatives who fantasize about America being “taken” by immigrants, or the Conservative Movement being “taken” by minorities. (Not Ponnuru, or Dinesh D'Souza—real minorities like Michael Steele and Herman Cain.)

It’s not Jeb’s marriage to a Mexican woman, for example, that makes him a cuckservative, in this sense, it’s his belief that the Mexicans who are, as it were, penetrating the interior of the United States are committing an “act of love.”

All right, if you want to call it that, but did they ask for America’s informed consent? No, they didn’t.

The fetishist doesn't only lack self-respect, he also doesn't respect his wife. Cuckservatives don't really respect America.

Ponnuru [Email him] ends his article with the claim that Trump's recent moves and Hillary's speech indicate that both candidates think that "the alt-right is a leaden anchor rather than a rising force."

Not as big an anchor as Cuckservatism!

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