Radio Derb Transcript Up For November 26: Cold Civil War—Lawfare At Charlottesville, Miscarriage Of Justice In Georgia, And Mass Murder In Waukesha, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for November 26, 2021. Go here to read or listen.

01m34s  Too soon made glad.  (Post-Rittenhouse tristesse.)

09m30s  Lawfare in Virginia.  (The rich & connected crush free speech.)

14m08s  A catch-phrase for the Cold Civil War.  (Inspired by John Ball.)

16m31s  Narrative sustained in Georgia.  (A monstrous miscarriage of justice.)

23m57s  Waukesha killings.  (Fruit of the D.A.'s efforts.)

32m05s  What's the difference between James Fields and Darrell Brooks?  (We all know.)

34m49s  Mistrial in Dallas.  (Lone holdout juror.)

36m45s  National Border Security Chiefs without borders.  (U.K. madness.)

39m07s  New victim group: the neuro-diverse.  (Equity! Equity!)

40m58s  Triggered by "trigger."  (Infinite regress looms.)

42m49s  Black Friday? Eeek!  (But students show sense.)

45m12s  Signoff.  (With thanks.)

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