Radio Derb Transcript Up For June 14: Towards the Beggars' Democracy, Trump Rolled On Tariffs, ChiCom Lawlessness, And India's Election, Etc.
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The Radio Derb Transcript is up for June 14. Go here to read or listen.


00m45s  Media for gentry liberals.  (Introducing Long Island Newsday.)

05m37s  Towards the Beggars' Democracy.  (The bizarro world of CultMarx polemics.)

14m42s  More from the provincial press.  ("Comments are disabled on some stories...")

21m23s  Trump gets rolled on tariffs.  (By Mexico and the congressional GOP.)

27m39s  ChiCom lawlessness.  (Words mean nothing.)

34m36s  India's election result.  (And an experiment you can try.)

36m34s  The coming Turco-Icelandic War.  (Ignited by soccer.)

39m03s  Presidential sapling, RIP.  (The importance of quarantine.)

40m40s  Victory over Oberlin College.  (Soon to be a Netflix miniseries?)

42m47s  Signoff.  (Even sillier than usual.)

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