Radio Derb Transcript Up For February 22: Empire Of Lies, Blacks And Math, And De-Platforming John Wayne, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for February 22. Go here to read or listen.


00m43s  Empire of lies.  (Jussie and the media.)

04m42s  The other Smollett.  (The human vomedy.)

12m57s  A skirmish in the Cold Civil War.  (It's not really about what it's about.)

18m32s  The New York Times doubles down on race denialism.  (The embarrassing Ms Harmon.)

26m17s  Meeting a black mathematician.  (An institution in decay.)

29m55s  The Aurora shooting.  (Black shooter, nonblack victims.)

31m00s  De-platforming John Wayne.  (Can't we get rid of California?)

32m46s  Erratum: Learning to code.  (Not a suggestion, a taunt.)

34m18s  Erratum: Israel.  (My nits, and The Economist's.)

35m46s  Remembering higher math.  (I hit the wall.)

38m39s  Signoff.  (Stephen Foster, culturally appropriated.)

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