Radio Derb Transcript Up For December 1, 2023: DeSantis v. Newsom, Nikki Haley Rakes It In, Broken Jails, And Charlottesville High School, Cont., Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for December 1, 2023. Go here to read or listen.

03:05  The DeSantis-Newsom bout.  (Why did they do it?)

10:13  Nikki Haley rakes it in.  (From the Koch brothers!)

15:05  Broken jails.  (Underfunded, mismanaged.)

23:04  Nikki-tikki-tavi.  (Run and find out.)

24:37  Schoolboy humor.  (A trikki plural.)

25:47  Charlottesville High School, cont.  (From a parent.)

28:52  Ticket to Mars?  (Bursting Elon's bubble.)

31:20  Word of the year.  (Says Merriam-Webster.)

31:47  Signoff.  (With Haydn.)


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