Radio Derb Transcript Up For August 16: Affirmative Action & Epstein, Knife Crime & Fried Chicken, And Hong Kong V. China, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for August 16. Go here to read or listen, and remember that you can subscribe via RSS and YouTube.


01m37s  Jeffrey Epstein is brown bread.  (I assume.)

06m34s  Did race denialism kill Jeffrey Epstein?  (Who was in charge?)

13m27s  Knife crime and fried chicken.  (It's not Cypriots anymore.)

22m32s  Hong Kong v. China: an anecdote.  (Inter-ethnic antipathies.)

29m20s  The yield curve has inverted!  (It's the economy, and we're all stupid.)

31m36s  Fried chicken footnote.  (A movie gem.)

32m56s  News from Bavaria.  (It's Fingerhakeln good!)

34m03s  Signoff.  (With a very American gal.)

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