Radio Derb Transcript For November 25 Up: Harvard, Asians, And Quotas, Joe Biden's Chances, And Four Years For Fighting Back, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript for November 25 is up. Go here to read or listen.


00m59s  Affirmative action flashback.  (Remembering Antonin Scalia.)

06m57s  Harvard's anti-Asian discrimination, cont (Heather Mac hits it out of the park.)

10m20s  Joe Biden redux.  (With an assist from Goodwhite snobbery.)

14m31s  Biden's chances.  (And Trump's.)

19m38s  Six foot, 200 lb. v. five foot five, 135 lb.  (Who dares speak?)

24m02s  More sex news.  (Freakery and fear.)

29m26s  Four years for fighting back.  (Antifa = establishment enforcers.)

32m29s  Canada's election.  (Progressives hold the line.)

34m16s  Who runs Mexico?  (Not the government.)

35m39s  Canada, Mexico, meh.  (Syria! Iraq! Turkey! Ukraine!)

36m43s  Invitation to Turkmenistan.  (I can get you a deal.)

39m13s  International Pronouns Day.  (Only one really matters.)

40m36s  Air Canada goes gender-fluid.  (What next, gay flight attendants?)

41m42s  Signoff.  (Centenary of a favorite poem.)

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