Radio Derb Transcript For June 21: Trump's Deportation Threats, 2020, Ignoring Iran, & The Reparations Clown Show, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for June 21, 2019. Go here to read or listen.

05m25s  Hot air from a blustering blowhard.  (Sorry, Ever Trumpers.)

09m55s  Trump launches re-election campaign.  (There are worse things than nothing.)

15m42s  Prospects for 2020.  (Big determinative factors.)

23m35s  Threatening Iran.  (Why our business?)

27m53s  The reparations clown show.  (How much more can we be expected to do?)

33m19s  The legacy of slavery.  (Hey, it's an excuse.)

35m12s  Iceland needs diversity!  (Too peaceful.)

38m24s  Coming soon: another 3.2 billion.  (Make room.)

40m00s  Hungary favors Hungarians.  (What a concept!)

41m35s  Signoff.  (With some old-style lefties.)

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