Radio Derb Is On The Air: Trump, Palin, Sex; Etc. (10+ Items!)
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Radio Derb is on the air.  We actually went on the air yesterday (Friday) afternoon in accordance with the new schedule.  Once again I’m just late posting this preview… which I guess makes it a postview.

This week’s podcast mostly covers topics related to immigration.  I do permit myself some speculations on broader political subjects, though: for instance, the different ways in which presidential candidates can appeal to the electorate.

America’s Newspaper of Record, August 17th, headline: Ex-lover says Donald Trump was great in bed.

That ex-lover is a certain Sandra Taylor, now 48 years old, who went on three dates with Trump two or three decades ago. Lisped Ms Taylor to the New York Post, quote: “Omigosh, he was great. I think he’d be a terrific president.” End lisp.

You may laugh, but these things matter. Sarah Palin probably got further in politics than she would otherwise have done because so many of us saw her as a fertility goddess. For serious students of politics, a copy of The Golden Bough is not out of place on one’s bookshelf.

And for the political effect that a sexually assertive male has on female voters, consider the following fact. The Nineteenth Amendment, giving all women the vote, was ratified in August 1920. The first presidential election after that ratification came in November that year. The winner of that election was … yes, Warren Harding. By a landslide.

I’m just sayin’ …

The full Radio Derb playbill:
  • A candidate proposes patriotic immigration reform. (Glory, hallelujah!)
  • Immigration comes out of the shadows. (And acquires a heroine.)
  • Comprehensive bogosity reform. (“Every single immigration category is a fraud.”)
  • Coulter vs. the goodwhites. (Ann—1; Goodwhites and colored auxiliaries—0.)
  • An H-1B memoir. (It didn’t used to be bogus.)
  • Europe’s open borders. (Yet still with the happy talk.)
  • The spectrum of adultery. (Just don’t end up verpfuscht.)
  • Straight outta interest. (A Cracker with attitude.)
  • Make the crops grow, Donald! (Golden Bough)
  • A unique talent passes. (After inventing a new kind of work.)
(A German-speaking listener has emailed in to tell me that my translation of verpfuscht as “messed up” doesn’t really capture the strength of the word.  It is, he says, more like FUBAR.)

It’s all here at

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